CPD Opportunities

There are a range of online CPD courses and webinars which professionals might like to investigate to support them with the teaching of phonics and early reading. Any phonics CPD ideally needs to match the programme used by schools .

 To support subject knowledge for phonics teaching, visit Phonics Training Online. The online trainign written by Debbie Hepplewhite gives a really good overview. Later modules in this training describe Phonics International and Floppy's Phonics. Professionals need to bear in mind that they need to follow their school's programme when teaching and can not mix and match ideas from different programmes.

With thanks to OUP, James Clements is delivering a series of 5 webinars around reading including the learning of reading, developing fluency and developing a reading culture. You can access the recording on the OUP website.

Teaching vocabulary in the Early Years - try this webinar on Word Aware training.

To support organising decodable readers for Letters and Sounds into phonics phases, click here.

Watch this space... we are currently developing generic training for TAs on phonics focussing on the fundamentals which need to be in place. We are also developing phonics leader training suitable for all phonics leads but particularly those who are new in role.