National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) This nationally accredited leadership programme for senior or aspiring senior leaders runs for approximately one year to 18 months. It has been completely rewritten and tailored to the contexts of schools in the area and is led by Bristol Primary Headteachers, specialist leaders of education and senior leaders and has been adapted to ensure that current good practice from Bristol schools is shared as a part of the programme. 

The NPQSL is aimed at teachers who are either new to a senior leadership role e.g. assistant head, phase leader, key stage leader or those who wish to gain confidence when leading a team within a school. 

The programme prepares teachers to take on their leadership role through face to face training in aspects of leadership and through directed independent study and gap tasks. They will be required to lead a whole school impact initiative and meet the national standards to complete the programme successfully.

Candidates are expected to complete the qualification within a 12 -18 month period and benefit from:
§ face-to-face training events
§ access to 360° leadership skills diagnostics
§ support from a nominated in-school mentor
§ facilitation from serving school leaders in outstanding schools
§ access to a leadership coach
§ Modules tailored to do different school contexts
§ local and flexible access to high quality leadership training
§ virtual learning environment enabling flexible access to course resources and support community

The NPQSL programme commences in the spring term 2018: register today!

For more information about the NPQSL for senior leaders, including costs, venues, applying for a place and programme details, please visit our NPQSL webpage

The window for application for both NPQML and NPQSL begins on 30th October 2017 and closes on December 20th 2017 at 12.00pm