Writing effective EHCPs

The SENCO has a critical role to play in ensuring that children with special educational needs and disabilities within a school receive the support they need. Applying for additional support and funding for children with SEND through an EHCP is a crucial part of this yet it can often seem intimidating and complicated.  This training, delivered by the experienced SENDCo from Stanbridge Primary, will help you understand the process of successfully applying for EHCP. It will include advice and practical tips on writing the applications and accompanying paperwork, the type and range of evidence which needs to be gathered and how to go about challenging decisions from the local authority. Emily has written many successful EHCP applications and has received excellent feedback on the quality of her applications with them frequently being used as examples of best practice.

Who is it aimed at?

  • - SENDCos and those involved in applying for EHCPs

What are the key outcomes?

- Understanding the process of applying for an EHCP and what it involves

- Understanding the type and amount of evidence which needs to be gathered

- Understanding how to challenge decisions


TBC May 2019


Stanbridge Primary School