Sounds Write

The best place to go is to the Sounds Write website. Click here for guidance for parents and carers to help their children at home which includes links to a parents course.

Sounds Write have made some resources available so you can support your students during this period. Most recently they added activities for the Initial Code from 'Help Your Child to Read and Write (Part 1) which you can download from this link.  Details of all other resources are in this file.

Sounds Write have asked that lessons are not videoed and placed online.

“The lesson scripts are copyrighted material, and any teacher trained in Sounds-Write has signed a copyright form agreeing not to break our copyright. Please bear in mind that this would break copyright, as you don’t have the right to publish, broadcast or transmit the Sounds-Write lessons in any medium.

Some of you might wonder why we take this position. This is because Sound-Write is a training programme, and we need to protect our intellectual property and our integrity. Most other phonics providers are in fact large publishing houses that don’t mind giving some of their know-how and a small percentage of their resources away, as this will ultimately result in sales.  For Sounds-Write the situation is rather different: the main aspect of our work is in training teachers and providing our know-how, and as such, we want to make sure this is not compromised by well-meaning people who have not thought through the copyright and intellectual property issues involved.

So, let us reiterate that the Sounds-Write lessons are copyrighted and you don’t have the right to broadcast these publicly on video.”