Support for Blended Learning

Help for schools and parents during potential bubble and school closure  

If there's one thing you can do to really support your children, it's getting them to read, read read.

Supporting phonics and reading 

It’s really important that you follow the advice for the phonics programme your school uses. We are still encouraging children to read other books and listen to stories, but for phonics and decoding you must ensure fidelity to your programme. The links below will take you to videos where your children can practice the sounds and skills they know already as well as links to the reading books they can use to practice their decoding and fluency.

The most important thing that parents and carers can do is to read with and to their children and to talk about what they read. Please don’t feel they have to teach them new sounds - this is a great opportunity to consolidate learning. Daily reading with a book matched to the sounds the child knows will help them in their reading journey.  Alongside this we encourage parents and carers to share stories where they are reading them to their child and even picking out key words for them to read helps them learn how to become a storyteller.  It helps children develop a love of reading and creates a quality time where you can have a great discussion around books. For more information to share with parents and carers, have a look at this document.


Click on the links below to take you to support and advice for the phonics programme your school follows

Letters and Sounds


Sounds Write

Floppys Phonics

Phonics International

Jolly Phonics

Other things you can do to support children and staff:

How to read deocodable books for fluency and comprehension - all programmes

Online books and stories

Reading for Pleasure

Practice speedy sounds

Teach your Monster to Read

Online CPD opportunities